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From: Marilyn ToussaintDate: Thu 12/6/01 9:13PM
Message: He's such a perfect baby! So precious, so beautiful.

From: Bobbi WittenDate: Fri 12/7/01 2:56PM
Message: hey justine! dakota is such a cutie.. but i bet you're tired of reading that! he looks just like you..... its so strange for you have a son.. oh haha not in a bad way.. just that we were like best friends for how many years? its just like.. surreal. have fun!

From: Dianna Minick-MurphyDate: Thu 12/31/01 8:57PM
Message: That is a beautiful/hansom boy. He will bring lots of joy into your hearts. Thank God for such a healthy baby. Give him a big kiss for me.

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